An old fashioned object but always elegant!

When I was little my grandmother had in her bedroom the “portacatino”, an object that had for me a great charm, still today it is easy to see them around in some shop window very chic.

The iron support with three shaped feet is made up of three circles : in the larger upper one is intended for the basin, then there is a small circle for saucer on which was placed the soap and the circle at the bottom for the jug; used in houses where water was lacking to cure the hygiene of the person and you could see in white enameled iron with blue edge.

From the Middle Ages onwards the card holder in addition to being present in the bathrooms was also found in the bedrooms, in 1700 became an element of elegance and beauty with basin and jug very decorated and with various shapes and colors not only in metal but also in ceramics

So I have tried to faithfully reproduce an object related to my memories, to the past and I am sure that if your house has a classic style , country or rustic you will find a place to use it. In our online shop you will find an example but as I always tell you we can reproduce it in different decorations that match better to your home decor.

Do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to make the right one for you!

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