Father’s Day: history and tradition!

This holiday in honor of the father figure is celebrated in many countries of the world on different dates.

In Italy and in many countries of Catholic tradition it is celebrated on March 19 since 1459 as in the Gregorian calendar also in honor of Saint Joseph protector of all the fathers

In the United States and countries that follow the Anglo-Saxon tradition is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Mrs Sonora Smart Dodd in the small center of Spokane,  promoted the first father’s day in honor of her father, veteran of the American Civil War, who raised his children by himself.

Saint Joseph in the popular tradition is protector of even the most unfortunate people and in some regions in Italy it is tradition to invite the poor to lunch in other areas instead coincides with the end of the winter season and are burned the uncultivated areas of the fields that then you will have use later.

The typical dessert of this festival is made with cream : in Naples it is the zeppola of Saint Joseph,  while in Rome it is called bignè di San Giupeppe and are prepared both fried and baked with over custard and jam amerene

In Emilia Romagna there is the raviola made of short pastry and closed with jam or cream and baked in the oven .

In Sicily there are the sfince of Saint Joseph but also zeppole and rice crispelle flavored with orange peel and honey.

Finally, on this day  children dedicate poems and gift to the beloved father!

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