Halloween tradition in the world!

The origins of this festival are very ancient and are to be linked to the popular festivals that took place in Scotland and Ireland at this particular time of the year.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31 in honor of the spirits with various disguises and candles lit, between jokes and treats is celebrated differently in each country.

A word that comes from Hallowe’s en hallows the evening holy All hallows Evening day that wants to remember the dead and many in the English-speaking countries traditions are very similar with large outdoor fires.

Adults and children wear makeup and disguises of scary characters, ghosts , skeletons and witches and then go from house to house in their neighborhood to knock and shout "trick or treat".

Also in Ireland was born the legend of Jack O'Lantern with the pumpkin that is exported to America where he finds great consensus.

In Italy we have the Feast of the Dead as a religious holiday but already incorporated into the holidays at the time of Pope Gregory II that moves the Feast of All Saints to November 1 and that of the dead to November 2.

Throughout the italian peninsula many ancient traditions are still active with a common theme of carved pumpkin, the guys who turn to ask for sweets and a light that guides us to the road home!

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