It’s tea time: are you ready?

It is said that it was the Chinese Emperor Shen Nong who discovered the tea while he was in the garden with a bowl of boiling water when due to the wind some leaves of the nearby plants ended up in the cup. The perfume that was released in the air was very pleasant and so the emperor tasted and felt invigorated

We generally have six types of tea that all come from the same woody plant and have beneficial and exciting properties and contain caffeine or teat, once prepared by boiling water and leaving in infusion a few minutes, It must be consumed immediately so as not to alter the taste.

The most important object is definitely the teapot and tea lovers have many and there are on the market various materials including the ceramic that we glaze carefully and we decorate it with colors and no lead to allow its use.

Then we have a collection of cups with very nice tea plate that we can make in many pattern from traditional to modern ones and finally young people love to drink their tea in mugs with handles, also in great designs.

To you the choice, browse our online catalog and ask for a customization for your gifts , a fantastic idea for lovers of tea and not only; our teapots in various sizes and our cups in all the patterns, we look forward to your comments!

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