Made in Italy: excellence in the world!

Today we celebrate the Italian National football team but also Italy ready to start again after two years focusing on the excellences of our economy, famous all over the world; not simple objects but passion, history and tradition.

There are many products that are made by hand, small artisans and artists who follow the family tradition in various fields from fashion to food, furniture, cars and boats.

The whole world is looking for Made in Italy and has confidence in Italian products where quality, creativity and style lead us to be appreciated and therefore the artistic products are the real engine of our economy.

There are many ancient shops that we can cross from North to South in various places and that over time have become characteristic of each region as the production of shoes in Campania and Marche or Sardinia for knives or furniture in Brianza.

The same ceramic production in Umbria and Tuscany is known all over the world and every object is a small work of art to admire and use; today we use unleaded colors and we have a line for food use.

All our objects designed have been completely made in Italy from the idea, design and construction up to the sale: a unique path: so beautiful to see but functional , we are sure that in your home there is a special place that our creations can occupy.

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