Sunflowers: when can you see them in Tuscany?

The sunflower is surely the most cheerful and sunny plant not only for its physical characteristics and for the colour that we see due to the arrangement of these plants according to a spiral scheme that takes the name of inflorescence.

There are many species of origin in North America, introduced in Europe around 1500 certainly with medicinal purposes as well as ornamental then from the middle of the eighteenth century spread all over the world.

Much used in painting and everyone will know the painting of "sunflowers" by Vincent Van Gogh and from that moment many painters were inspired to paint these flowers, A trend that has also spread in objects and furnishings and that still involves our ceramic production today.

At the beginning of July you can see them in all their beauty and depending on the weather throughout the month of August, at the moment we can only identify the green spot that indicates the place where they will grow that then changes every year.

A unique emotion for our landscapes impossible not to photograph them in our trips around Tuscany: Val d'Orcia, Valdichiana, Casentino, Mugello and Chianti ; here suddenly opens a colorful and fragrant field.

All these details that represent our region so loved and admired you will find them in our everyday objects and also decorative, you the choice in our gallery for a gift that symbolizes sunshine. , vivacity and joy.

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