The wall clock: round or square?

To choose the right wall clock takes time but we thought of giving you some advice to find the one that suits your decor and your home.

in this way the wall clock becomes a piece of furniture that not only punctuates the hours but fills your walls and transforms your environments in order to make them even more beautiful.

If you have a classic or modern decor the round shape fits well then we can play with the various designs and depending on the background also create contrast with the colors of the frame or hands.

Our designs are very original and we are also ready to help you in choosing the design that matches best with the decor of your home.

If you have a very modern decor the square shape is an interesting solution in many rooms.

For the kitchen it is always easier to choose the right one for the variety of designs with fruit and flowers very representative of our region so admired.

Do not hesitate to browse our online catalog to also find some very renaissance or very vintage watch, of course to you the choice among our offers!

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