Which collection can be rapresentative on World Earth Day?

On this World Earth Day it was not easy to choose in the collection of the Museum of Montelupo the decoration that can personally represent the relationship between the earth and people in the protection of the environment where we live.

I want to intrigue you with the “Uccellino of the majolica of Montelupo”, a very simple and elegant design that could not miss in the houses of the Florentines, also proposed by Cantagalli and always current.

One of the detail that was part of a decoration plate found in an excavation of the Montelupo furnaces: the painter proposes it in the center and on the border between other figures, this bird will become a representative decoration for the production of Montelupo ceramics until the middle of the last century.

There are few artists who still make this decoration but we have proposed it on a white background and with a few yellow, blue, green and brown colors.

If you are very curious in the museum area dedicated to masterpieces you will find this beautiful dish made by a painter in the mood to joke like many artists of the time!

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