Women’s Day: stories and legends!

 The International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 to remember the various political, economic and social achievements but also the various violence and discrimination that still fill the pages of various newspapers around the world.

Various stories and legends can be read about this festival but a certain date is March 8, 1917 when the workers of Saint Petersburg during the February revolution in Russia demonstrated for the scarcity of food and against the war.

The legend instead tells of a factory in Cotton, in 1908, where the workers who had begun to strike for the difficult working conditions were closed in the factory and because of a fire 129 women were killed.

This is a false news even if some years later in the Triangle Shirtwaist Company 140 people (women and men) died following a fire caused by bad working conditions on March 25, 1911.

The Italian tradition says that mimosa has become the plant of women since 1946, year in which you were looking for a flower that could be given away on this occasion and certainly the mimosa was one of the few plants that bloomed at the beginning of March and since then is the symbol of this day!


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