Anemone: a beautiful but delicate flower!

Anemone or also known as flower of the Wind is a very delicate flower and is easily found in the undergrowth because it is a species that does not like direct sunlight.

Its name comes from the Greek Anemos, wind and was the philosopher Theophrastus who attributed to the species this name for the trembling of the flowers even for a little bit of wind, also divided into several categories depending on the flowering.

The flowers are very numerous and the colors different from white to red, violet and blue and finally the fulgens anemone has beautiful flowers of a very evident red. The short duration of these flowers can be traced back to a legend where it is said that a beautiful nymph, Anemone, had made two winds Zephyr and Borea fall in love.

 The two began to fight to contend the heart of the nymph thus unleashing the ire of Flora that turned it into a flower and tied it forever to them in fact the spring wind would have made it open and the cold one would have made her quickly disembowel the petals.

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