Easter 2022 in Florence!

This year Florence can celebrate Easter with the Explosion of the Cart and the flight of the Colombina after a long stop because of the pandemic; a very old tradition for the Florentines and that you can not miss if you are in the city this weekend!

It’s an ancient festival of nine centuries that wants to remember the return of the Florentines from the Crusades in 1101. According to legend, Pazzino de' Pazzi brought to Florence three stones from the tomb that should have lit the spark of the new fire.

With time this custom was moved to Easter Sunday and was built a "cart of fire", called brindellone that dates back to 1700 and on Easter morning is accompanied through the streets of the center by four oxen and more than one hundred participants of the historical procession.

The trigger, finally is entrusted to a dove that travels on a rope and starts the explosion of the cart starting from the high altar of the Cathedral to the square and the smooth path has a positive meaning and auspicious for the city.

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