The lying pear in Boboli’s garden!

The cultivation of the fruit is a fundamental element since the second half of the '500 in the realization of the garden wanted by the Lorraine to ensure the production for the kitchens and then also to have a revenue from the sale of the fruit produced.

The Medici family that collected everything also had this collection in the various suburban villas and in Boboli we find a great variety of fruits , among these surely the plant of the "pear liar" strikes us.

This name is due to the little correspondence that there is between the external aspect and its quality, the green skin in the first development is not colored in the ripening but it seems almost from the dirtiest aspect that’s why the view denies the good of the fruit so liar.

There are other varieties of ancient pears and a variety compendium not only Tuscan but European with pears selected in the Palace of Versailles or other houses displocate in Europe.

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