Ceramics: an eco-sustainable choice

In order to face the emergency of plastic waste pollution requires the help of us all. So why not start with our kitchen? Every year at least 8 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans, with serious consequences on marine and terrestrial life. These are mostly disposable objects: their use lasts only a few minutes, but they pollute forever. The challenge is global, it is absolutely necessary to reduce the use of plastic and, in our homes, ceramics will definitely be a valid alternative to do our part and reach this important goal together. Did you know that each of us consumes nearly two kilos of cutlery, plates, glasses and disposable plastic straws every year? Our future will surely have to change direction and be green. 

Ceramic is a natural raw material suitable for storing food in the kitchen, for example. Perfect for the environment and health, ceramic containers allow you to retain smells and flavors. And they are also comfortable! The same container can be used to store a food in the fridge and then heat it if necessary. Did you know ceramic evenly distributes heat? You just have to avoid using the freezer, at low temperatures in fact these objects could break. There are also many ceramic utensils such as the spoon rest, backsplashes, bowls, soup tureens and plates.... to present our dishes on the table with elegance and sustainably.

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