Visit Florence and Tuscany in October!

The month of October is perfect for visiting Florence and its surroundings when temperatures have declined live and the air is cooler. The city has a special charm and you have to find the time between visiting a museum, an exhibition and a church to enjoy the city in a different atmosphere.

In the city there are many events: craft fairs, concerts and exhibitions but the surroundings in autumn become a special place; the landscapes take on warm colors with shades of orange and red. The houses, the hills with vineyards and olive groves in the small country roads of Chianti in the change of season will let you dream!

Wine is certainly the main product of this period and there are many initiatives that tell the way of wine in Tuscany.There are many routes through the wine roads where you can make beautiful walks and taste the typical products of our area.

Our Autumn collection offers you the fruits of this period: grapes and pomegranates on a clear tone and easily combined with your furniture; everyday objects, new and useful gift ideas in traditional colors.


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