The real handmade vase!

All the products in our catalogue are strictly handmade in accordance with tradition but with a continuous search for shapes and decorations in step with the times. It starts from a creative idea to achieve a perfect shape that follows the tradition of Montelupo.

Each piece is produced in mold or on the lathe in white pottery or refractory that after the first firing continues with a dip in the glazed. At this point we make the decoration and continue with another cooking, all by hand.

The vase is always the most researched piece of furniture for your homes, the various shades that follow the traditional colors are always very vivid and bright and combine perfectly with your home and become unique and elegant objects for the interior.

The various decorations of our vases are perfect for the various environments of each house but also for studies, offices, restaurants and hotels, for this reason they are still a valid gift that lasts over time.

Also do not hesitate to ask for a customization, these are unique objects created by the skilled hands of our craftsmen and for this do not go unnoticed and guarantee that touch of elegance to any environment.

Are you ready to choose the one that best suits you?

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