How can the salt container be a precious piece?

The salt container is certainly one of the extraordinary objects that has always been at the center of the table of illustrious men from ancient times representing not only a practical need but also a social meaning to show prestige and wealth.

In medieval times , in which salt was set at the table in the middle position there was an expression used for the noble that were seated “above the salt” then close to the host as a position of prestige and the lower seated “below the salt”.

The most famous salt cellar is "The salt cellar of Francesco I" made by the sculptor Cellini and kept in the museum of Vienna made of gold, glased and ebony, a real masterpiece, a unique centerpiece and perfect to contain what is still called "white gold”, we find it in various colors from white to black with a role as a true protagonist in the recipes of the world.

The shape of the containers, made of different materials such as gold, crystal, lead glass, wood and of course ceramic has evolved  over time that responds above all to the practical need in the kitchen , from the addition of the lid up to the shape with small bolus, and then go to the table with salt and pepper dispensers.

In our site you can find a wide selection of shapes and decorations of this precious object to you the faculty to match it and make it unique on your tables!

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