Iris, Fior di Giuggiolo, Fleur-de-lys: Why?

In this period it is easy to walk through the streets of Florence and notice the presence of the lily, considered the symbol of the city, on many statues, buildings and coats of arms; many hypotheses on why it became so important.

Some people suppose that around Florence grew a kind of Iris, others think that the foundation of the city was in spring and in honor of the goddess Flora was combined with the city of Fiorenza flower.

At first the lily was white on a red background but the Guelphs turned the colors of the Lily when victorious they drove out the Ghibellines and that’s what we see today, not to be confused with the French one that is gold on a blue background.

Yesterday was reopened the "Iris Garden" at Piazzale Michelangelo with a little delay but the visits will be extended to 20 May: a unique show.

The park was inaugurated for the first time in 1957 and you can see numerous varieties of Iris and get an idea of the landscape that surrounded Florence and go in search of the white flower that inspired the coat of arms. Even today The lily has strong symbolic value and is used on the medals for important awards.

Also Santa Maria del Fiore, the Cathedral was once dedicated to the lily then appearing on the gold florin and on the banner of the city.

Our collections could not miss the presence of red Lily on a white background at the center of a decoration with Montelupo leaves and a few yellow colors, green and blue very representative of this city,a must to have at home not only for collectors but for everyday use, a simple and elegant pattern, easy to match with your entire collection.

Then do not waste time and happy May to everybody!

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