Oil containers: how to choose the best one!

The perfect oil container has always been ceramic, it was once stored in ceramic jars so as to avoid contact with air and light and preserve its natural characteristics.

In Italy the olive harvest is still done by hand with ancient methods and there is big attention throughout the production process to have a quality product not only in the perfume but also in the taste, now recognized worldwide.

In the same way our bottles follow a path in the hands of expert master potters who work by hand and decorate them according to the tradition of Montelupo Fiorentino, lead free colors for food use and easy to wash to be ready for reuse without waste.

A not easy idea that of the oil in the ceramic container that is improved thanks to the desire of those who wanted to experiment creating unique pieces in shapes and colors: a production that every year is enriched with new ideas and today certainly occupy an important place in our collections.

Here these wonderful bottles become precious containers not only for what they contain but they themselves objects to give and collect; in our catalog there are many: do not hesitate to choose the one that matches the colors of your home!

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