Poppies and cornfields: from traditional to modern designs!

If we think of poppies the first image in memory is that of a famous painting or a song or our countryside, in fact these flowers are found mainly between the fields of cereals or corn or on the edge of the streets.

There are about 125 species of poppies but the best known is common poppy or rosolaccio that blooms from May to July and only in the early hours of the morning the flowers are well open, very simple flower but with different meanings.

In mythology we speak of the poppy as a flower of consolation and of Demeter, goddess of harvest and fields, tormented by the pain of the loss of her daughter, stopped caring; for the Romans indicated a powerful and rich person, I like to attribute to it the meaning of simplicity rather than slowness, surprise, oblivion and imagination.

Like many other flowers the meaning varies depending on the color of the petals, in the Middle Ages where the red color associated with passion and I like to remember a beautiful installation of ceramic red poppies in the moat of the Tower of London to remember the dead of the First World War.

In our decorations you can find many objects for food use with poppies and granone , very simple and elegant for your table but also our designs of modern poppies on a black background that will be a unique element in the decor of your home.

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