The colors of Montelupo ceramics!

On the World Colouring Day we must celebrate the ceramics of the Florentine factory that has always been known in all the way for its special designs and colors.

We need to remember that in the Medici era it reached its peak when all the noblest families ordered for the young couples married, many tableware to beautify the tables.

Everything used to be around the research and development of color, compared to other Italian traditions we can say that Montelupo has continued to develop a very refined chromatic research.

It starts from the green-brown of the Middle Ages to the blue of Humanism and the yellow-gold of the fifteenth century to the mysterious Rosso di Montelupo in the Renaissance. In the seventeenth century the set of these shades is expressed in the "harlequin" plates on which were painted characters of the time in a caricatural way.

In the following centuries the representation of taste and style does not stop, the ideas towards innovation without forgetting tradition are numerous and are concretized in the evolution of the forms and designs that the production of ceramics of Montelupo still offers us today.

Our gallery offers you everything: the tradition with Raphael, Robbian, historiated and the development of design pieces with poppies, very detailed anemone and with the addition of the black color that characterizes our latest collections in modern style and full of creativity for an extraordinary offer.

To you the choice and happy World Colouring Day! Shop now

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