Pasta: a unique Italian dish!

Pasta is the dish that is never missing in any home, a symbol of our Italianness and culture and the main element in these months of pandemic and return to family life and eating together.

Who knows its origins and what do we know about the invention of pasta? Surely it has ancient origins, already we find a type of pasta similar to “ravioli” described in ancient Greece or in the Roman Empire the "lagane" type lasagne; then this food is rediscovered by the Arabs.

From this moment on the pasta that had always been fresh is dried in the sun to keep it longer and the Arabs are the first to cook it and to spread its consumption throughout the Mediterranean.

The pasta so is produced in Sicily, Liguria and Campania but its price is still high and therefore only the richest families could consume it until the production is expanded and the prices are reduced is sold on teh road and eaten with hands on pieces of paper.

Today there is a lot of attention to the size and color and a sensitivity of those who produce it in the use of renewable sources and recyclable packaging; finally, no less important is the presentation in the right dish.

As recommended by the chefs, the choice of the dish is not only a matter of aesthetics but also a way to enhance the taste, the ceramic flat plate, found in our serving are original and trendy without forgetting the tradition.

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