Potter's earth in the required amount is placed on the dish lathe in the centre of it.
From the piece of clay we can make a cylinder and can be given to the vase the required shape, smoothing from the external part with a wood piece of holed in the center (potter small stick)
The vase is maked in all its accessories parts and during the clay production is continually wet.
The item when is turned, it is detacched from the lathe dish with a little rope; after the desiccation we can apply handles or decoration, joining with potter's earth.
Some designs are prepared on a special paper with holes. With a cloth and a charcoal pencil theartist make a scheme od the design on the item.
The decoration can be done, painting or scratching on the surface the coloured parts.
The baked period is a soft operation. The kiln is filled with a greater number of items putting them, one on the other, in order way.
The items will be space out with refractory support,
that often assume a tripod shape, in order to avoid that the fusion weld them, one on the other, during the baking.
The time of baking is around 8 hours with a temperature of about 950° grade C. The kiln will dump down and left cooled for about 10 hours, then will be extract the finished item.