Looking for Dante in Florence!

Today March 25 Dantedì: Florence, Italy and the whole world remember the poet and his Divine Comedy seven hundred years after his death.

Throughout the year 2021 there will be various celebrations: museums, libraries, schools and virtual tours will pay tribute to his work.

The events start from the three Italian cities: Florence, Ravenna and Verona and then move around the world thanks to the work of twelve institutes of Italian culture abroad.

Walking through Florence today you can not miss the sculpture "Abete" in Piazza della Signoria over twenty meters high , one of the largest works installed in the center of Florence as a preview of the exhibition of contemporary art "Alberi in-versi" that from June to September will be exhibited at the Uffizi and dedicated to Dante.

There are many places to visit outside the classic itineraries that remind Dante poet, politician and theologian as his house now turned into a museum will surely satisfy your curiosity. Inside you will find in addition to the panels that reconstruct the daily life of the poet also very precious decorated ceramics.

And then there is the Church of Santa Maria dei Cerchi where the poet for the first time seems to meet his Beatrice to whom he dedicates his work "Vita Nuova", a place of good luck for lovers who visit it.

Among the social media efforts I wanted to remember a Call between Dante Society of America and New York University in which everyone is invited to recite the favorite songs of the Divine Comedy live streaming from Santa Croce square in Firenze to Dante Park in New York.

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