Mrs “Alzatina”

Centerpieces are something that everybody must have and back in fashion. A perfect accessory to set up any table with class, useful to serve with a touch of elegance and without taking up too much space to the delicacies that we want to present at the table in tavola. Tarts, cupcakes, biscuits, muffins, chocolates, fruits and other sweets... to each dessert, its pedestal! The pedestal bowl that we call “alzatina” is an object to use every day at tea time or on special occasions, to end with taste a delicious dinner. Are definitely to be considered to serve also the savory dishes, such as canapés or cheese samples. All cooking fans know perfectly that the eye always wants its part and thanks to this accessory, our creations will certainly not go unnoticed!

We find centerpieces suitable for all tastes and all pockets. Simple, two-storey, three-storey, swivel, glass, ceramic... you’ll be spoilt for choice! Elegant, iconic, original and spectacular. They are definitely perfect for a gift idea with vintage and retro charm that combines functionality and design. In fact, thanks to their shape, allow you to serve more desserts without taking up too much space at the table. And why not revisit them using them as a pocket emptier or storage bowl in the corner of the house?

The “Alzatina” lady has a long history behind her. In Victorian times, for example, she was considered indispensable for presenting cakes and sweets. The classic version is in fact in match with the tea services. Now, in the return of vintage, this charming object has returned to the limelight and is again current and fashionable. Impossible not to fall in love with it.

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