Ice cream in Italy: who invented it?

The first frozen desserts that resembled ice cream appeared in Sicily with the Arab domination around the eleventh century.These people enjoyed drinks called sherbet that used fruit juices to the flavors of orange, pomegranate, lemon and cherries.

The first artisanal ice cream was born in Sicily by the Arabs who, using the snow of Mount Etna and the mountains of the area, frozen the drinks in containers and then sweetened them with the sugar cane imported from Persia.

We have to wait until the middle of 1500 when the architect Buontalenti claimed the invention of the most beloved Italian dessert in the world in fact in his recipe for ice cream sorbets used most of the ingredients still used.

In the middle of 1600 then Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli prepared the first perfect mixture to make ice cream and when his grandfather gave him a machine to work the sorbets from Sicily moved to Paris at the court of the sun king and opened the historic Cafè Procope to make learn about modern ice cream in Europe

In the United States it was a woman Nancy Johnson who invented and patented the first crank ice cream maker but Le Young took advantage of the economic difficulties of Johnson and bought the patent and gave life to the first sorbetteria

The inventor of the ice cream cone was Marchioni from Cadore who in 1903 had gone to Washington to withdraw the patent of an apparatus that made edible ice cream cups , need to serve the ice cream in practical containers.


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