The Kintsugi, the metaphor of resilience.

In the last few months we have heard many times the word ”resilience”. This  term that means ability to maintain impact without breaking, has received in fact an amazing popularity.The investment programme that Italy needs to submit to the European Commission to answer to the pandemic crises due to the Covid 19 is called “National plan of recovery and resilience”.The resilience looks to be the most used word during this pandemic.

Definitely for the passionate about ceramics, is very easy to talk about resilience and at the same moment think to the ancient japanese technique of restoration, the Kintsugi:a real methaphor of resilience.

It means literally to “repair with the gold”.This technique consists in recompose the fragments of a broken ceramic object throught the use of a precious metal like gold or liquid silver, creating a new piece, unique and more precious then the original one.It is a very long and complex process, objects become real works of art with a story to tell behind them.

The Kintsugi is the symbolic representation of the fractures that the individual may face and overcome during our existence.You should not throw away what you break , but you can always try to recover and trying to respond positively to traumatic events and to enhance painful experiences.The healing process is a path of personal growth at the end of which our scars will make us unique,interesting and precious.

A topic to be explored!!

  • Daniela on

    Wonderful comments and insightful thought. Thank you Mery. Grazie mille.

  • Colleen O’Brien on

    Love this sentiment!

  • kim pepe on

    What a positive way to look at things. Thanks for sharing.

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