The road of ceramics

A journey to discover one of the greatest artisan traditions made in Italy, a dip to immerse yourself in the beauty of a knowledge handed down from generation to generation... and not only. The pottery road is also a unique opportunity to know and discover some small and authentic villages surrounded by beautiful hills and breathtaking landscapes.

The route of the ceramics road crosses in fact a vast territory near Florence: it starts from Montelupo, an important center of production of majolica for the city of Florence (between 1400 and 1530), and then continue towards the neighboring municipalities, in search of those evocative places linked to the trade and processing of ceramics.

There are six itineraries to follow during this extraordinary journey that connects the Museum of Ceramics, the manufacturers, the school of ceramics, the associations of craftsmanship and the artistic beauty of the area. And why not enrich this experience with a pottery course, a delicious tasting or a horseback ride? The activities to be carried out in these territories with incredible resources are innumerable.

Artisans along the ceramics road have been working for years in their workshops with great skill to make high quality artifacts, paying attention to the smallest details and experimenting between tradition and innovation. They produce valuable objects that combine history and modernity and are suitable to furnish any space. All their artisanal products are certified by a quality mark.

All you have to do is pack your bags and discover this unique craft tradition.

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