A perfect shot glass to drink homemade limoncello!

We Italians love to make limoncello at home and everyone has his recipe that basically consists in putting in alcohol the peels of lemons and then add water and sugar. However the most important ingredient is "lemon peel" and so we prefer lemons that come from our territories.

As we can imagine the limoncello comes from the tradition of the south part of Italy, it seems that from the various tales handed down in the noble families of Campania, my homeland, the famous liquor from the yellow color is always the perfect end of dinner with friends . There are also people who confirm that the families of farmers and fishermen were used to bring the limoncello to recover the energy after hard work.

Even today those who come to my house know that there is always a bottle of limoncello,homemade with my recipe as a gift that I keep in memory of a loved one who is no longer here: a Sorrentine doc, kind and reserved.

I am happy to share with my friends in a relaxed atmosphere the yellow liquor in the fantastic shot glasses in ceramic that I like to match with a bottle in the various Florentine designs, typical of this land that adopted me since 1995. Are you ready to choice the perfect one?


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