Day trips during Covid time!

Monday of Easter week, which coincides with the day after Easter, is indicated as a holiday in many European countries and beyond.In Italy it is a special day that you spend with family and friends with a trip out of town, traditional outing and picnic ,barbecues and outdoor games.

The weather certainly helps the desire to go out and spend this day outdoors and still indicates the beginning of the various initiatives and competitions in various areas and  regions.

Also this year a few trips for families due to the pandemic, you can not go on outings outdoors but only reach a second home if you are lucky enough to have it in a place of the sea or in another city.

The menu of trips out of town must be light but also rich and colorful, surely the main ingredients will be eggs, pies, cheeses and cold meats and wine and desserts can not miss!

If instead we have to stay at home then we will try to prepare a festive table with our most beautiful dishes, trying to spend a day in peace with our loved ones!

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