A ceramic dish for the most loved food in the world!

The pizza is certainly the most popular and well-known food in the world symbol of Italian who joined us throughout the lockdown period and entered the right to be part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 2017.

The origin of the name pizza comes from Naples "pitta" used for a type of flat bread, but the Pizza Margherita that we know was made by the best pizza maker Esposito who welcomed in the palace of capodimonte King Umberto and the Queen , for them would prepare three different types of pizzas and the queen chose the one with the colors of Italy green (basil) white (mozzarella) and red (tomato) that took hers name.

Its diffusion from the South to the North was fast: With an industrial boom the peasants emigrated to the north brought with them their traditions and so appeared the first pizzerias in all the country and after the Second World War the Italians who emigrated to America made it known there too.

All over the world it is very successful and is presented in its round shape with a diameter of about 14 inches, the raised edge and the central part with red tomato, mozzarella, oil and oregano. It must also be soft, elastic and fragrant.

At this point it is ready to be served in our pizza platters , beautiful and special; hand-made in the various traditional decorations perfect to serve our Queen , the choice is yours and see you soon!

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