Where to buy italian ceramic dinner plates?

Galleria Ponte Vecchio is one of the oldest shops in Florence for the sale of handmade dishes and dinner plates for the table.

The continuous search for new shapes and decorations in step with the times and that meet the needs of new kitchens make our dishes expression of uniqueness and elegance in the world.

It is due to the small company and families that still survive at this particular time the ability to make new patterns without forgetting the tradition.

The special hand-made workmanship of each plate makes each piece unique and the choice of colors is always studied with respect to the taste for the antique and with particular attention to detail.

Our home and the table are always a place full of emotions to share with our loved ones even at a time like this pandemic where there are no parties and friends.

What can be done to set our table in a unique way? All the dishes, the bowls, the platters , the cups, the napkin holders and the pitchers must represent our personality.

Our ceramic products can be made for you, customized according to your needs, respecting the possible combinations of colors and shapes.

All our dishes are made according to standards that respect the safety of contact with food, colors and glaze lead free make them safe for food use.

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