A love story in Florence!

Today we talk about the love story between Bianca Cappello and Francesco I dei Medici, first lovers and then married in a Florence of other times and if you walk in Via Maggio at number twenty-six you can admire the Palace built by the Grand Duke for his beloved.

At the beginning it was a clandestine love as both were married and then a much talked about love in the city, then suddenly the respective spouses came to miss in a suspicious way: The Grand Duke’s wife died in an accident and Bianca’s husband was murdered in the street.

After these episodes the two lovers were married but in a dinner outside at the Villa of Poggio a Caiano they became seriously ill and died in a few days, still can not say with certainty if they smell poisoned or other and the rest is all still a mystery.

Although she was a charming woman she was not much loved by the Florentines and especially by Ferdinando, brother of Francesco, who considered her a threat to the Medici dynasty, Maria Serena Cappello today wife of President Draghi can boast of this noble ancestry: the Grand Duchess of Tuscany.

  • Anne Elizabeth Lang on

    I have been to Italy on Holiday many many times.Monthly stays gave me a chance to enjoy Firenze,s rich history.I have read many books on the Medici family.Thank you for this little story.

  • Mark Sands on

    Love the story. Please send more and by the way we visited your shop and we loved it. Thank you.

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