How to get back in perfect shape after Easter!

Stay at home in a period like this linked to the pandemic does not help to eat in a moderate and regular way, even more the Easter period has led us to exceed with some foods and desserts.

To recover physical form it is very important to do exercise even in the house or simply take beautiful walks every day; I can tell you from my experience that all this requires constancy and a certain determination but after passing the first stage you can not do without because you will feel the benefits immediately.

The solution is definitely not to stop eating but follow small rules that are present in all diets and recommended by all doctors: exercise and drink lots of water or tea: we can easily find herbal teas,too in many varieties of flowers and fruits and where to serve a good herbal tea if guests arrive at home?

We can not miss in our homes a beautiful ceramic tea pot that keeps perfectly warm our drink that is tea or herbal tea. On our website you can find teapots in various shapes and decorations according to traditional but  also modern designs.

Usually pot-bellied with the lid, with its beak and the handle on a side, perfect in every occasion and with the possibility to match it to the cups with plate; an object  full of timeless charm: what are you waiting for to choose the one that best matches the colors of your home?

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