A pitcher to hold blue gold!

On the world day dedicated to the water, our thoughts go to all those who in 2021 do not yet have access to clean water: a common good should not be wasted but safeguarded!

We need to learn how to collect and reuse water just like our grandparents did and so we remember seeing at their home beautiful and precious jugs, part of our tradition: furniture of our homes and our tables.

When we prepare a table, remember to put not only glasses but also pitchers for water or any other beverage.

All accessories that should not be missing in the home of those who are attentive to the trend of home decor because in addition to being useful are also beautiful.

The jugs are beautiful not only in the kitchen but also in the dining room, elegant and refined over time have evolved in shape and decor.

The pitcher is definitely an investment to do to contain our precious water: always produced in various types: bellies or round with a beak to pour and especially with a handle.

The pitcher can be combined with dishes and other trays of the table by choosing the colors that reflect your personality, in our catalog you can find a wide choice of colors and shapes, spring has arrived and it’s time to change the look of your table!

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