April 25 : Liberation Day!

Tuscany is back to celebrate three fundamental values: Independence, freedom and democracy on the day of liberation from Nazi Fascism, and April 25 becomes an important date for the history of Italy finally outside, in the square and in the streets to honor all the people who sacrificed their lives for freedom.

Florence is also preparing to celebrate an important day: the city was the scene of a battle for liberation by groups of partisans who in August 1944 descended from the hills and the Apennines to save the city.

Even today we can find various plaques in the places of the battle , many are located in Oltrarno where the partisans stopped for a long time before taking back Palazzo Vecchio and it will be in these places that a commemorative crown will be deposited.

The ceremony will begin in Piazza Santa Croce in the presence of various representatives of worship, then towards Palazzo Vecchio where there will be partecipation of the mayor and several presidents with a final concert of the Philharmonic "Gioacchino Rossini" to close the celebrations.

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