Ceramic planter: elegance and tradition!

The vase holders are containers for plant pots, their denomination cachepot (hide vase) expresses the perfect meaning and unlike the normal vases do not have holes on the bottom because they did not have to rearrange the furniture on which they were placed.

It is an excellent idea to place inside, close to windows or balconies evergreen plants or seasonal flowers in vases of elegant and original design; it is important to choose them according to the style of the house we have so we can range from traditional ceramic models very decorated to something modern.

On our site there are in many shapes and decorations: from lemons with blue background and green leaves , to the yellow and red grapes on the dark blue background to the Florentine lily with Montelupo leaf.

Our proposals are just some ideas that remain valid over time but can be customized in order to make it a special object or a unique gift. Let us know and we are ready to realize your ideas to make your home unique!

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