Discover the surprise in our ceramic eggs!

It is an ancient tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages giving an egg during the Easter period as a symbol of the rebirth of nature in Spring to the rebirth of man in religion.

The eggs boiled in water with flowers and leaves assumed a colored appearance probably originated in Germany, at the same time by the nobles spread the tradition of covering them with gold and silver and precious , remembers Edward I in England who ordered 450 gold-plated eggs to be given away for Easter.

In 1883 Peter Carl Fabergè prepares a special egg for the tsarina Maria on commission of the tsar the first egg Fabergè platinum enameled white with inside a golden egg that had inside two other surprises a copy of the imperial crown and a golden chick, here start the fame of the gift inside the egg.

In different traditions the egg continues to maintain an important role and only in the twentieth century, but according to the example in Turin, we still have the fashion of chocolate egg with surprise inside. The preparation of eggs was entrusted to master craftsmen now are mostly confectionery companies that make them.

Also in ceramics there are various types, all decorated by hand and this year the tradition is enriched with our eggs boxes, not only decorative but also functional. Inside you will find a surprise: what are you waiting for to choose your egg?

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