How to best use a soup tureen!

Are you looking for a recipe to serve in one of our elegant hand-painted soup tureen? To honor a typically Tuscan handicraft you just have to bring to the table a typical Tuscan soup: the famous ribollita!

It is a black cabbage soup, savoy cabbage, beans and stale bread. A hearty comfort food to taste especially in winter, maybe at the end of a long day of work, to pamper yourself a bit. The ribollita is also an effective solution to fight food waste and cook with leftovers that we already have at home. Once nothing was thrown away, especially dry bread that was well suited to be recycled, along with other ingredients that offered the garden.

Ribollita was born in Florence in the early Renaissance. It is a dish of very humble origins, the original name was in fact "soup of lean peasants cabbage", but it was also a recipe loved by the family of the Medici.

According to tradition it was prepared on Friday, a lean day, in large quantities, and then be heated in the following days. It’s called in that way because it was boiled several times.

To be even better, the ribollita should be prepared a day earlier and tasted the next day. Remember, the cabbage you will use must have taken the ice at least once, that is it must have been exposed to winter frosts before being harvested, so that the leaves are more tender.

This recipe is a jewel of Tuscan cooking… You just have to serve it to your guests in a ceramic Tuscan tureen!

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