Ferragosto: a very italian holiday!

The origins of the word go back to the Ancient Roman Empire "rest of Augustus", period of rest and feast that start from August 1 to August 15 during which horse races were organized and the animals were embellished to let them rest from the hard work of the fields.

A part of this tradition is found in the Palio dell'Assunta in Siena on 16 August and the Catholic Church that begins to celebrate it from the seventh century and is set the date we have today and this year coincides with Sunday, August 15.

There are various changes this year due to the pandemic and many things have changed like the ban on bonfires on the beach and the introduction of the green pass. We can however maintain the traditions related to food and will not miss the watermelon cakes, trips out of town with packed lunch and water balloons.

Although they vary from region to region, lunch with friends is certainly what unites them all. From the beginning it is a party dedicated to rest and relaxation and the best way is to live it in the company of people dear to us.

Happy Ferragosto to all!

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