Happy Thanksgiving day!

Every year on the fourth Thursday of the month of November we celebrate Thanksgiving, a very American holiday but also we Italians have learned about through movies and TV series where the main protagonist is the stuffed turkey as a typical dish.

A feast with Christian origins of the Pilgrim Fathers who migrated to America and because of a barren terrain had a difficult winter but the Native Americans taught him how to best cultivate agricultural products and how to raise animals and then decided to thank in the years to come for the success of the harvest.

Since then it is tradition to celebrate the National Day that was established by President Lincoln and then Legal Day since 1941 wanted by the United States Congress. Today is a solemn feast day with various events both at the table and in the cities.

You stay at home with friends and relatives as tradition wants to eat turkey stuffed, roasted or fried and other typical dishes, it is rare to go to the restaurant, The schools are closed, and the next day there’s black Friday, which is a holiday day where Christmas shopping begins.

With Thanksgiving begins the Christmas period, Christmas lights and many offers in stores for gifts. We are also ready and do not waste time if you want a custom gift our online catalog is full of ideas and discounts, we are waiting for you!

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