How my job has changed in the last year!

I had created my first website in 2006 for customers who had already bought one of my pieces and who could add more in their collection from home. A site that I would have to continually renew but time was never enough!

So in this year’s pandemic my shop was closed and the website became my priority, let those who could not reach my store the world of ceramics, hand-made objects through written pages that tell the history and production of not only decorative but pieces for food use,too.

Everything changed the way I interact with customers, the way I present objects and the way I think about my business, I had to re-evaluate all my choices that had also made me survive in recent years.

The physical workplace store of the last twenty years was stationary and the only way to keep it alive was to create a parallel online store transfer my energies on the web and I assure you that it was not easy to keep the initial enthusiasm this year.

The challenge was to find new customers to sell handmade and hand painted products, but I was sure that I had to try to sell a few special, original, personalized and therefore unique products; In part I succeeded but only thanks to the support of those who knew my products and those who physically had visited my shop in Florence.

Hope to see you soon!

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  • Susan on

    It’s sad that your shop has been closed and tourists unable to visit. The shop is a visual pleasure. Your work is outstanding whether purchased in person or online. It is a work of art and an honor to own! Hopefully we will see you soon!

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