International Cats Day!

In Italy today we celebrate the cats that have become our friends in life, just to remember the importance of these felines that every day show love and affection even if they are very reserved.

In 1990, following a survey in a specialized magazine, this date was chosen, which is not accidental according to an ancient belief February is the month of cats and witches and the number 17 has always been linked to misfortune and black cats.

It’s a curious animal, intelligent but also selfish and its therapeutic power recognized for a long time as its friendship with man always represented in drawings, sculptures and various representations that highlighted their almost magical powers

The Egyptians in fact worshipped them as gods and represented them with sculptures, the Greeks and the Romans instead represented them in a more natural way; it becomes the protagonist of the paintings only in the nineteenth century.

Today even the web and social networks are invaded by images and photos of cats and also ceramic in our catalog you can find them in many shapes and pattern, three-dimensional, very representative and if you want a portrait of your cat send us a photo and we will make it on our handmade tiles!

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