La Befana: January 6, last day of celebration!

This day linked to the Christmas period is a feast spread throughout Italy but also known in the world. According to tradition it is an old lady who flies on a broom to visit the children on the night between 5 and 6 January and fills the socks left near the fireplace or the window.

La Befana recalls the tradition of Santa Lucia and shows great understanding with children who behave well and will receive many sweet and small toys, but also coal or garlic if they behaved badly.

The name "Befana" is the puppet exposed on the night of the Epiphany was widespread in the Tuscan dialect and in Lazio, it is an old woman with few teeth, an aspect that wants to show the old year that once finished you can burn, In fact in many European countries there was the tradition of burning puppets dressed in old clothes.

Many nursery rhymes and legends, the best known linked to Christians is that of an old lady who refused to accompany the Three Kings on their way to Bethlehem, but then repented prepared a sack full of gifts and along the way left the gifts to the children she met, since then still travels the world on the night of January 6.

"The Befana comes at night with shoes all broken the cloak Roman Viva viva la Befana", this my nursery rhyme and you have one?

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    Love the story! Love the history! Miss Florence!

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