Man’s best friend : how to celebrate it?

Today the international day of our four-legged friend and worldwide since 2004 is celebrated this festival. In the United States it was Colleen’s family who adopted the first dog and since then everyone has supported this initiative.

A special day as an opportunity to raise awareness of the issue of abandonment that still affects an excessive number of stray dogs in the world; according to the World Health Organization 70% of dogs are stray.

Always defined as man’s best friend and do not need scientific studies but his company improves relationships and mood so the benefits are definitely both psychological and physical for this relationship between man and dog with ancient origins.

In recent years there has been widespread movement of pet therapy and science confirms the various benefits that result from the reduction of anxiety to the lowering of blood sugar, blood pressure and heart rate to increase levels of hormone well-being.

Before adopting a dog you have to be aware of the choice that you will go to make and that will change our lifestyle , also the different breeds have different needs and it is important to be advised by experts.

Italy is among the countries with more facilities where dogs are well received and Tuscany along with Puglia and Romagna are the most popular, also if you want to make a gift to your four-legged friend contact us to make a portrait on ceramic to be preserved forever.

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