Music festivals: a world of sounds and colors!

On June 21, the summer solstice is celebrated, which also coincides with the Music Festival, an important event that was born in France but then spread to 120 countries following many popular traditions.

The music critic Fleuret decides to organize a free party open to all the music encouraging people to play their own instruments and to sing, since then the event attracts many musicians and spectators.

In 1985 it is also known outside France and then the event takes on an international character since 1995 and then spread throughout the world quickly. The European Charter also decides on a common coordination path for the event.

In Italy about 90 cities participate in the festival with common goals physical, cultural and symbolic union between people and music: an event that allows you to better know the vast cultural heritage in places other than those used for entertainment.

The world of ceramics is also rich in works that recall music through notes and colors, the bond that has always been very strong with the myth of Orpheus of which I like to remember a dish kept at the Metropolitan Museum in New York , a round one with putti and cornucopiae and a dog to show how orpheus bewitched the animals that listened to him.

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