Pomegranate: a seasonal fruit!

The origin of this fruit is certainly Persia but today it is cultivated throughout the Mediterranean area in Italy in various areas but especially in Sicily , the natural period of maturation goes from October throughout the autumn.

Pomegranate is a fruit rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants if it is perfect in this season and not in summer when its nutritional properties are almost absent; its qualities have always been appreciated not only as a food but also as a "beauty drug".

In many civilizations it has represented a symbol of prosperity, fertility and luck, especially for the abundance of the grains within it; a fruit that represents motherhood and also used by the Church which encloses in a close union the numerous grains that is the faithful.

The pomegranate becomes part of the decoration and the art, a theme much felt by the great artists in fact often appears in the pictorial representations both sacred and profane, we remember only one that of Botticelli "The Madonna of the pomegranate"Today one of the most admired paintings of the Uffizi Gallery, the child holding a pomegranate.

A symbol that also appears in ceramics, we find it represented either closed or open, with visible or stylized seeds but always with a beneagurante and very positive meaning. In our collections you can find it on a light background in a traditional version next to the grape but also in a modern version on a very particular black background!

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