The Christmas tree in Italy and in the world!

The Christmas tree is one of the most popular traditions especially in the Nordic area. Usually it is an evergreen or spruce that was cut in the woods and brought home to decorate it with various decorations, lights and sweets; in the industrial era then begins the spread of the cultivated spruces and those in plastic material of various colors.

The christmas tree is usually taken home or kept outdoors and is prepared on December 8th and removed after the Epiphany, In the Italian tradition at the foot of the tree is also placed the nativity and many well-made Christmas gifts waiting for the day of celebration in which they will be opened.

The use of the Christmas tree was born in a square in Estonia around which the young people danced together in search of the soul mate then the tradition moved to Germany where the tree was decorated with nuts, Apples and paper flowers and the city of Riga in Latvia proclaims itself as the home of the first Christmas tree.

In Vienna it appears in 1816 and then in France and Great Britain; in Italy it was Queen Margaret who in the second half of the nineteenth century at the Quirinale decorated a Christmas tree and fashion quickly spread from her.

In the early years of the twentieth century there is a real great diffusion both in Europe and in North America and in Rome at the behest of Pope John Paul II who in 1982 receives as a gift from a Polish peasant a fir tree since then is tradition that is placed in Saint Peter’s Square a fir tree from every year from a different place.

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    Thank you for the beautiful picture and story of the Christmas tree. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a very happy new year.
    I think of you often, the wonderful stay we had at your apartment. The platter I purchased in your shop has become a very cherished part of our special dinners.

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