The cornucopia, why is it a symbol of abundance?

It comes from the Latin meaning of cornu (horn) and copy (abundance) is for centuries a symbol of abundance; a horn with various grooves that contains varieties of fruits and vegetables, represents fertility and wealth with its origins in Greek mythology.

There is an ancient legend that tells of Zeus saved by the goat Amaltea who feeds him in his cave to make him grow strong and healthy , Zeus one day breaks her horns and grew up decided to leave to conquer the throne of Olympus but had not forgotten the goat that had fed him so to thank her brought back the horn that was empty and filled him with flowers and fruit and from that moment represents a powerful lucky charm, everyone can get what they want most.

Another legend tells that the cornucopia would be the horn lost by the river Acheloo, in the fight against Hercules for the beautiful Deianira and then filled by the Naiads with flowers and fruit symbol of abundance. With time has also become a symbol of prosperity and fortune, so a symbol of good luck: a perfect gift for everyone to forget a difficult year like 2020.

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