The olive harvest and the oil!

It is a very important and delicate work of the olive harvest that allows us to obtain an extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality, we can not go wrong the appropriate method and we must choose the right period that varies each year.

The method for manual harvesting is called burning, before it was carried out by hand going up long stairs, now instead we use electrical machinery that allow a saving of time and effort , a comb that fall the olives to the ground on nets and then are collected in baskets.

The shaking instead is a mechanical harvest, in this case the branches are moved with large pliers and the olives are detached and are then harvested in baskets and the best harvest period varies with the regiones and the climate trend.

Once harvested they should be brought to the mill within 24 hours and processed within 48 hours, a quick period if they have reached maturity but also this is a complicated but important process to obtain an oil of excellent quality.

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