The owl: a present for everyone?

Always considered in some traditions the lucky bird while in others the bird of bad luck in fact still today is used the word “gufare” that means precisely row against! In American Indian tradition it is connected to the night and the moon.

This animal has always represented positive values such as intelligence, wisdom, intuition and can be given to those who are engaged in studies and other projects. In the Hispanic Christian tradition it is a symbol of spirituality and wisdom and is a real good luck charm!

In African and Australian Aboriginal culture the owl becomes a messenger of secrets related to the seers and witchcraft, witches often chose the owl as a spiritual guide among all animals.

Among modern traditions giving an owl for graduation is a gesture that expresses a good omen for a professional future; in Greece was considered sacred to the goddess Athena goddess of wisdom often flanked by Nike goddess of victory.

For this reason it is often used as a gift for friends and relatives to make them participate in an important milestone, here we find it in various gadgets and accessories; we too have made ceramic of various colors owls to hang, watches or simply decorations.

If you are looking for a special and original gift look in our online shop for the various objects of the most fascinating and mysterious creature of the night!

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